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49 Elm Street
Millbury, Massachusetts

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MYKONOS Cafe and Bakery is a family-owned Greek dining experience offering visitors and locals a combination of the fast pace style of the East Coast, with the laid-back atmosphere of Greek coffee culture. Located at 49 Elm Street in the heart of downtown Millbury, Massachusetts.

Welcoming friends, old and new, both in a hurry with quick breakfast sandwiches, spinach pies or coffee to those looking to sit and relax with some laid-back conversation like they do in Greece!

The name, “Mykonos” comes from a well-known island in Greece known for its popular restaurants, beautiful beaches and tourism.  Come dine with us and experience all that we love about our culture through fresh food, drinks and conversation!



When their families immigrated from Greece, they had a desire to own the “American Dream”. They created this bakery to be an escape from the office, a place to grab a quick bite, and a place where you could start or end your day laughing and sharing a pastry with friends. They are looking forward to opening day, where they will be able to serve their community the authentic flavors of their childhood with an emphasis on Greek hospitality.

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7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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